Dead Man Criterion Blu-Ray!

Twenty-two years ago, I had just graduated film school with an MFA in screenwriting when I went with a group of my fellow grads to see Dead Man...


“Motion Picture is the Wonder of the World”

"The quickening effect of this wonderful art upon social evolution is beyond estimate. Its possibilities are limited only by the power of the creative imagination and the technical powers of the engineer." (Henry D. Hubbard, 1916)

My Fantasy ‘Feud’ Film Fest

For my money Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte are much more insightful to female rivalry and the pains of aging as a woman than Feud. Yes, they are campy thriller-horrors, but Baby Jane in particular knows all too well what it is about, and you can chalk that up to Aldrich, Davis and absolutely Ms. Crawford ...

Seasons Beatings

I have been trying to shake off election season and move into holiday season... with zero success. I did find one little dose of dark-chocolate joy in John Madden's MISS SLOANE, a MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON fantasy for our times.

My Personal Horror-thon 2016

For the past five years I've made the month of October my personal horror film marathon. By now I'm kind of into the dregs and fringes, but I still managed to be pleasantly surprised this year. Some highlights...

Precarious Employment in Higher Education

This summer I had the privilege of editing an issue of Cinema Journal's online Teaching Dossier: NEGOTIATING PRECARIOUS POSITIONS. Usually the dossier features articles that share pedagogical ideas, materials, approaches, and discussions. Our issue went meta and addressed the conditions under which we teach, including how these conditions shape and effect how and what we teach.

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